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A New Take on Job Hunting Online

CNBC,, and The Wall Street Journal have created some buzz about . . . a site that seems like a win/win situation for both job seekers and businesses during these struggling economic times. What is so different about this site?

For those seeking employment, there are just a few easy steps to follow . . .

1) Create resume
2) Post resume online
3) Make $1 everytime someone downloads your resume

For employers, Resumark offers them the option of only downloading the resumes they are truly interested in. The cost is $3 per resume downloaded rather than paying a per month fee for a service that provides a business with resumes the employer may or may not be interested in. This would be especially beneficial for smaller businesses who are not hiring for an entire department.

There are even referral programs for both job hunters and employers. Visit Resumark for more details.

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