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Mamalicious Monday: Will a Day Runner Save Me?

Do you want to know what I did last Saturday night? I spent hours looking online for the right organizer for myself. Can you stand the excitement?

My husband agreed that I need "office hours" to be able to keep up with all the reviews, giveaways, blog designs, and my poor neglected . This doesn't even include the time I spend making personal blog posts, chatting it up on the MomDot and SuperMoms World forums.

I've tried using a PDA and I am currently using a calendar on my laptop. Neither one of those were working well for me because I need to multiple lists . . . one for high priority items and one for things I need to fit in when I can. There is something about checking something off or crossing it out on paper that helps to motivate me. With the calendar on my laptop, I sometimes snooze an item 20 times and, before you know it, it's been put off for 2 weeks.

I actually found these refills called Day Runner PRO and they actually start in April 2009. I thought that it must be fate. Well . . . I'm not sure I believe in fate, but these planning pages look like they might be the right fit for me. I use to schedule everything I did, even doing the dishes. I need to start doing that again, including scheduling activities with my children. The days just fly by and on some days I feel so guilty that we didn't do anything fun before it ended.

I hope this little book will help me. Do any of you WAHM have any tips or tricks to share about managing your time?


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