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Review: Shopping on & Dutchy Patent Leather Clutch

There are two things I wanted to talk about today. The first thing I wanted to share is about the great experience I had shopping at Piperlime, which is the recent division added to Gap, Inc. Piperlime sells department store quality and some designer shoes and handbags. I have to admit that I was leery about shopping on this site because it appeared to be very upscale and I just cannot afford to shop that way anymore . . . well, not if I want to continue feeding my family in the manner in which they have grown accustomed.

What got me to shop on Piperlime for the first time? Well, I had a 30% off coupon, which I received via email, good at any of the Gap, Inc. divisions. I was very interested in seeing what goodies The Gap and Old Navy had on their websites. I love how you can check out in one shopping cart even if you shop at all four online stores btw! While I was shopping I saw that I could receive free shipping on my entire order if I purchased any one item from Piperlime. So I thought it couldn't hurt to look around.

I ended up finding this clutch below, which was exactly what I had been wanting for about a year now. I just could not find a clutch that had all the features I wanted. This bag was on sale for $29.99 on Piperlime, which has a great sale section and even has a "final sale" section. I was an extremely happy customer. I was able to use my coupon AND I saved $7 because I received free shipping on my entire order from Piperlime, The Gap, and Old Navy. My bag was shipped the next day and I received it two days after that. In fact, I received it even before my Gap and Old Navy items even shipped.


The second thing I wanted to share is why I love this clutch by Dutchy. I have been looking for almost a whole year for a clutch that did not require a separate wallet, that would hold my phone, keys, a pen, etc . . . , that would fit inside one of my larger messenger style or backpack style bags, and that I thought was attractive. Oh, and I also wanted to not spend more than $50 or so on it.

This is the DC Black Patent Clutch from Dutchy that I purchased on Piperlime. I would share a link with you, but when I looked for the link, I realized that it is no longer available. Sorry girls!

Even though my husband hates patent leather bags, I like them when they are styled just right. By the way, the workmanship on this bag is beautiful and flawless. The best feature about this bag is that it has card slots in the main compartment and in the front zippered compartment.

Other things I liked about this clutch is that it is big enough to hold all my essentials and it does fit inside a tote bag or a messenger bag. It also came with a removable strap that allows it to be worn as a crossbody bag. And if I wasn't happy enough, my new clutch came inside this Dutchy Eco Bag! These reusable tote bags are similar to ones by Envirosax and can be transformed into a tiny roll so that you can throw it in your purse, your glove compartment, or wherever you may find it handy to have a large tote at your disposal.

I know that was a long post, but I just wanted to share a great experience and a good find with my fellow shopping mamas.