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Fun With Bubbles . . . It's Not Just For Kids!

Did you see this Dolphin Bubbles video when it aired on ABC's World News with Charles Gibson? It is just the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I always knew that dolphins were intelligent, but this just shows they are smarter than we all thought.

My first experience with dolphins was when my husband and I went on vacation to the Bahamas some ten years ago. We were able to participate in a program where we were allowed to get in a pool with dolphins and pet them. They even rolled over on their backs so we could rub their bellies. It was quite an adventure.

If you have ever visited SeaWorld or the New England Aquarium, then you already know that dolphins like to play. This video shows that dolphins not only like to play with objects (toys if you will), they are intelligent enough to create their own toys. That last part where that one dolphin deliberately created a bubble within another bubble and then swam through the hoop he made was just . . . well, the only word I can think of is amazing!

I can't wait to show my 5yr old son this video. He is going to love it! I think I am going to bookmark it on his computer for him. If you'd like to see more dolphin videos or read more about dolphins in general, visit Dolphin Bubbles. Don't forget to leave them a comment bubble to let them know how much you love their website!