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Enter to Win a Vacation to Kissimmee! (5 Winners)

Have I complained mentioned recently about how the last real vacation my husband and I took was in 1996? Yes, it has been that long if you do not count the weekend we spent in New Hampshire for our honeymoon in 2000. I'd say we are long overdue for some time away, wouldn't you?

The two factors keeping us from taking a family vacation is money and time. If we could score a free vacation, I think it is pretty safe to say that we could somehow make the time to go on it. I bet you would too. Right now you can enter to win one of five trips to Kissimmee, FL. Two of the trips will be for a party of four and will last for a week. Three of the trips will be for a party of two and will be a weekend getaway for 3 days/2 nights.

What we will do when we get to Florida depends on which trip we win. If it ends up being just my dear husband and I, then we can do just about anything. If we end up being able to take our children, then we will have to select some family-friendly activities. There are lots of things to do with free admission according to .

I think one day would definitely be spent at a water park like this one or Sea World's Aquatica. We definitely would have to sneak some shopping in there too. It wouldn't be a vacation without hunting for the perfect souvenirs.

This contest allows one mobile and one online entry per person. You can earn additional entries by visiting participating partners and asking for a game card. All you need to do is scratch off the game piece and enter the access code online. The deadline for entering is May 22nd, 2009.