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Affordable Return Address Labels

I know a lot of you are bloggers who are planning on going to various blogging conventions, such as Blogher '09. You have probably been looking for ways to network. The most obvious thing is to have business cards printed up with your blog's name and your contact information. These are easy to carry around and hand out to everyone you network with. There is also a question about how to make yourself stand out. If you hand someone a business card, will it get lost in a pile of 50 other cards?

I'm not able to attend the Blogher convention this year, but I do have some fun ideas for some affordable swag you can hand out that will stand out more than just a business card alone. One idea I have is to have return address labels printed with your blog's name and contact info. Then you can use these to stick on various treats. Some things I have thought of are fun size chocolate bars, little boxes of Red Hots or other candies, candy necklaces, bookmarks, rolls of Live Savers or mints. If you are really ambitious, you could bake cookies and individually wrap them and put one of your labels on them. One person even mentioned that someone thought of giving out tampons with their information on them.

Selling your blog as a brand is important. I noticed when I ordered cards recently that VistaPrint also sells a wide range of address labels. If you do not want to spring for having your personalized blog logo printed on them, I bet you could find a label with your blog's colors at least.

If you end up having leftover labels, you can use the rest for other ways to promote your blog outside of conventions. It is easy to peel and stick one on a thank you note to a sponsor or to include it on or with a prize you may be sending to a giveaway winner. If you can think of more creative ways to use return address labels to promote your blog, feel free to share them in a comment. I would love to hear more ideas.