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Silly Monkey Stories: Monkey Chatter

I don't know if I've ever mentioned this, but the twins go to Early Intervention every two weeks. They were enrolled because they were born 9.5 weeks early so they are being monitored for any signs of lagging behind. They really aren't very behind and in a few things they are even ahead. One thing we were concerned about was speech. After our last EI meeting, I told the specialists I was going to write down everything the twins said between then and our next session. I wanted to do this because neither of them will say more than two or three words during these little meetings.

So I've been diligently keeping a list for each twin. Although they have about the same amount of words, more than half of their words are different. Maybe it's a twin thing? Anyways, one word they both can say is "Jake." Actually, they refer to him as "Jake Jake." Now sometimes when one of them is upset and I didn't see what happened, I can ask them and they'll point to their big brother and say "Jake Jake merbwayemoodoah!!!" Don't ask me what the last part means. I don't think Jake's too happy, but I sure am glad the twins can tell on their big brother now.

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