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Review: Yandy Lingerie Boutique

While browsing online for Valentine's Day Lingerie, I had to step away from the computer for a few minutes. When I returned, my husband had decided he would pick out something on my behalf. Well, wouldn't you have guessed that he chose a completely sheer negligee which left nothing to the imagination? Maybe six or seven years ago, I would have worn that without hesitation, but now having been pregnant twice (once with twins), I think he can just keep on dreaming.

This is what I picked out for myself instead . . .

Lingerie does not have to be obvious to be sexy. I think this deep plunge bra and these two pairs of girly boyshorts have class, but are a little flirty at the same time. They are simple, can be worn under clothing without any lines showing through, fit well, and are comfortable. Now check out the flirty details . . .

A fleur-de-lis charm at the base of the cleavage

Chrome hardware and fleur-de-lis jacquard straps

Fleur-de-lis lining plus natural feeling gel pads

Open crisscross detailing down the sides of the boy shorts to show just a little skin

I picked up this cute lingerie on . When I first arrived on their site, I thought that I would only find things that my husband would love, but I would not be comfortable wearing. As I looked around, I came across many things that were my style. They have adorable tank and lounge pant sets, pjs, robes, clothing, fun costumes, and even shoes. I found an adorable pair of gogo boots, but unfortunately they were sold out of my size in the color I wanted. In fact, they were sold out of a lot of things I really liked. It's too bad because I probably would have purchased quite a few more things.

I do have to point out that my order from was shipped lightning fast. They ship the same day if you order before 6pm EST. My order arrived only 2 days after it was placed. If you are shopping for Valentine's Day, you might also want to know that they are offering Free Shipping right now for orders over $70.
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