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Modern & Energy Efficient Window Treatments

If you have been trying to find new ways to conserve energy in your home. The Shade Store might have something you may not have seen before. This site has been featured in Metropolitan Home, House Beautiful, and Elle Decor Magazine. Expect to hear more buzz about The Shade Store when the word gets out about their new Eco-Solar Shades.


These window shades are not only functional, but attractive as well. They would appeal to any minimalist, but also can be used with most draperies without cramping your style. Appearances aside, something like these Solar Shades would certainly be welcome in my home. Especially during the summertime, when the sun beats down on our brick townhouse from sunrise to sunset and turns our home into a brick oven.

The features that are most important to me about these new window shades are that they absorb heat. In the warmer months, we run our air conditioner all day long and our electric bill nearly doubles. Anything that can help us save some energy and money is worth considering. Other benefits are that they protect your home and loved ones from harmful UV rays, they are mostly transparent, and they reduce glare. That last feature would be great for me, because I sit at the dining room table with my laptop to work. I face the window and there is a horrible glare for most of the afternoon. These shades are also 100% recyclable and are GreenGuard Certified.

I also have a discount to share with my readers. To receive 15% off your from The Shade Store, use Code: IZEA01. This site offers Free Shipping on all orders. If you end up trying these new solar shades, please let me know how you like them.