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Mamalicious Monday: A Proud Mommy Moment

I was planning on sharing a shamefully easy recipe for Mamalicious Monday this week, but I decided to blog about something I happened to witness today instead.

My 5yr old son was sitting on the sofa sulking before dinner. He was complaining that his 2yr old twin brother and sister would not play with him. He looked like he was going to cry . . . and he did. In fact, he was bawling. I was very surprised because it was such a strong reaction to the situation.

When the twins heard their big brother starting to cry, they both went right over to him. I told them that Jake was sad and needed a hug. So Makenzie climbed up on the sofa and gave her big bro a bear hug. Then she started to rub his head lovingly to comfort him. He still didn't stop crying, so she sat down on his lap and gave him another hug and rubbed his head some more. Then Luke climbed up and offered up some hugs and head-rubbins too.

At that moment, I just knew my husband and I did something right. I couldn't believe how gentle, loving, and nurturing these two little people were being . . . two little people who normally fight over a seat or like to chase the cat and pull its tail. I was just so proud. *sniffle* *sniffle*

(By the way, Jake didn't stop crying for quite awhile. It turned out he had stubbed his toe while he was running in the house despite my multiple warnings, so he didn't want to tell me.)


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