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Mamalicious Monday: I'm Totally Perplexed

Help! I need some toddler hair expert to explain to me why my 2yr old daughter's hair is like this. On the front and the sides, it is completely straight and smooth. On the back it is all frizzy. This picture does not even begin to illustrate the problem. Many days, her hair stands out perpendicular from the back of her head. The more I comb it, the more poofy it gets. Her hair is starting resemble that of my parent's Peek-a-Poo (half Pekingese, half poodle). The only time it is not all crazy in the back is right after a bath.

So is there any explanation why my little girl's hair is two completely different textures? Maybe I'm just too inexperienced in the matter. Is this a common problem amongst other kiddos?


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