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Mamalicious Monday: Easy Chicken & Rice Dish

Today I'd like to share a shamefully easy recipe for chicken and rice. This is perfect for when you have very little time, but need to get some nourishing food into your family's bellies. This is so easy to make and it has been approved by my husband and children as far as taste goes.

Here are the 3 main ingredients . . .

1) Prepare rice as directed. To feed 2 adults and 3 young children, I use 2 of the family size (5.33 oz) bags of white Success Rice.
2) Prepare about 8oz of frozen french cut green beans as directed.
3) While the green beans are cooking, empty the bags of rice into a large serving bowl.
4) Prepare the desired amount of Perdue Bourbon Chicken as directed. You will be chopping these up, so a little goes a long way.
5) While the chicken is cooking, put the green beans into the large serving bowl. Then toss the still hot rice and green beans in a little garlic salt and butter. How much salt and butter to use is up to you.
6) Cut the bourbon chicken into bite-size chunks and combine it with the rice and green beans.

That's it. You can use this as a side or eat it as your meal. It is quite filling.


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