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I Need To Gripe!

If you read my blog regularly, then you know that I rarely gripe. I may give someone a negative review once in a great while, but I would not call that griping. I am pretty aggravated as a consumer right now and it is mainly at two companies.

The first one is Comcast. They just launched their new SmartZone Communcations Center. It's suppose to be faster, have more storage, and new organizational features. Great. Woohoooo!! What it doesn't have is a way for me to switch between my six Comcast emails without logging completely out and then logging back in. This was something that I could do with the previous Comcast email system. I use to be able to click on each of the 6 email links and just go to that account. Who the heck has the time to log out and log back into each email several times a day? Not me!! It says that this feature is not supported at this time on the SmartZone site. My question is . . .

Why would Comcast allow SmartZone to go live without this basic feature? And why is it that I can add an external email, like from Gmail, but I can't add my other Comcast emails the same way? I can't be the only person frustrated and utterly inconvenienced by this, can I? (Okay, I know that was three questions instead of one.)

My second gripe is with . This is the second poor ordering experience I've had with this site. You would think with the last online Monster Sale being such a train wreck, that someone who is probably overpaid would have figured out how to fix it. In summary, many if not all the orders were delayed about a week and many if not all of them were shipped incomplete. My order was placed on 1/25 and wasn't shipped until today 2/4 minus a pair of pants and 2 graphic tees. Now I ordered other items to match those pants that didn't make it into my order. I actually ordered 18 things to stock up for next year. I wouldn't consider that a small order, would you? So how many other customers were disappointed like this? I know for sure I am not alone because others have shared their experience with me. So my question to The Children's Place is . . .

Why does a large company like yours not have real time inventory tracking? With other competitors who also offer similar pricing and flat rate shipping, one would think that you wouldn't allow this to happen again.

(Now I'm going to have to think of something positive to blog about to counter all this negativity I'm feeling.)