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Fun Online Kids Zone . . . Not Just For Kids!

I thought that I was pretty familiar with all the free online resources out there for kids, but I had no idea the MEGA Brands Kids Zone existed. Like many other toy companies, Mega has brought their brand of toys to life online. This is very smart considering their target is this generation's very computer savvy youth.

My oldest child is my five year old son and I think he would still be a little young for these games. They are mostly roll-playing and first person shooter type games taking place in a fantasy adventure world. Some of the games are dark and include battling, so I think he would not be ready for it quite yet. From my experience, my son does not like the anxiety of negative consequences while playing online or console games. I think this site would be great for someone 6 years old and up.

I did find a couple of things in the MEGA Brands Kids Zone that my son would love. The first thing is the online drawing game, which is my favorite feature on this website. You can start off with a blank canvas or select a "fuzzy" picture to fill in. Fuzzies are virtual pictures where the outlines are black velvet and it is up to you to fill the rest in with color. Although I think my son would thoroughly enjoy the fuzzies, it would be challenging for him to stay within the lines. It was even a little difficult for me until I got use to the feel of using the markers, air brush, and other tools. There is no click and fill like in other coloring games meant for preschool-aged children.

The second aspect I really liked was the free downloads for wallpapers and things that feature the different adventure toys in action. I think these are not only fun for kids, but they really do remind them of the endless possibilities of their imaginations.

You'll notice in my title that I mentioned that this website was not just for kids. Well I was referring to that fact that avid gamers like my husband would definitely find the assortment of games available on the MEGA Brands Kids Zone very entertaining. It is not going to replace his regular online roll-playing game, but it is something he would gladly play with my son on his lap. When my son is a little older, there are even some games that are for multiple players which they can play together.