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What Comes to Mind When a New Year Starts?

Do you know what my husband said to me after the ball dropped at midnight this year? Yes, he something about a happy new year, but he also said to me, "It's almost tax time again."

I have mixed feelings about tax time. I remember when I actually looked forward to tax time. I knew I would get a refund, although it was a small one, and all I had to do was file my taxes over the phone and that was it. Now things are a little more complicated. We have so many other things to consider . . . small businesses, IRAs, a million deductions to consider, etc . . .

We have had our taxes done by both professionals and by myself (with the help of software of course) and we always file everything to the best of our knowledge. I don't know what we would do if we ever found ourselves on the list for IRS tax audits. I mean I know just enough to find the information to fill in the blanks for which the income tax software is prompting me. I have no idea what IRS lien subordination is or any of those other fancy financial terms.

Money is so tight for us, that I don't know how we would handle it if we ever owed a large amount of taxes. We would need help from someone . . . maybe an attorney or a service that offered IRS tax relief assistance. That someone would have to negotiate a payment plan for us with very small monthly payments over a long period of time. Just the thought of it scares me. I feel for any family who has to go through something like that.