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An Update On Our Sleeping Situation

To recap quickly, our almost 2yr old daughter Makenzie has been torturing her twin brother pretty much every night since they've switched from cribs to toddler beds. The twins and our preschooler share a huge bedroom. The toddler beds are sectioned off within a large enclosure. Since we are stuck in this little two bedroom townhouse, there is just no way to separate them into different bedrooms.

Have I mentioned that I average 4 or 5 hours of broken sleep every night because of this? Well, last night was one of the worst we've ever had. Makenzie kept throwing Luke's pillow and blanket on the floor or worse yet outside of the enclosure. She also does her best to bully him out of his bed. I haven't the slightest idea why. Basically, if Luke falls asleep she does everything she can to wake him up. Luckily Jake sleeps through all of it snug as a bug in his big full size bed.

Well, since 80% of our household was up until 4am last night, my dear (and exhausted) husband and I decided it was time to make a drastic change. We decided we needed to either buy a pair of twin beds or buy bunk beds to replace Jake's full size one in order to remove Luke from that situation. The logic is that our little night owl will get bored all alone with no one to torment and may actually decide nighttime is for sleeping.

There are so many cute beds for boys out there, including ones that look like vehicles, painted beds, captains beds, beds with trundles, etc . . . Then we started leaning towards bunk beds to save space. Now we had the bunk bed or loft bed dilemma. Would it be smarter to get one with a chest of drawers and a students desk built in?

Well, we finally ended up with a nice simple planked pine bunk bed that can be later separated into two twin beds. Although we were tempted by all those fun decorative beds, we decided that it was better to purchase something that was more classic in style that would fit any age and most decors. If it were our own bed we were picking out, we would want something that reflected our own personal style, but for young children, I think it's more important to have something that is versatile and structurally sound.

It will take us a couple of days to get the room all set up. We still need to childproof it since Luke will be able to roam around freely. I hope all this work and expense will be worth it and I will actually be able to grab a whole 6 or 7 hours of sleep in a row at least 50% of the time. Cross your fingers for me!