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To Be Young and Strong Again

Since I hit the halfway to seventy mark, I've been noticing everything that has changed about myself over the last decade or so. I am nowhere nearly as vain as I was in my more youthful days, but some things do bother me. My natural muscle tone in my arms and legs are gone! I have many more grey hairs than I use to. Even my fingernails have changed.

I use to have strong beautiful healthy long nails. Before having children, I spent quite a bit of time every week filing, buffing, and polishing. In recent years, however, I just do not have the time to take care of them as I use to. In fact, I usually keep them short (which is a pain because they grow like weeds). One of the reasons why I keep them short is because a few years ago I noticed that they were beginning to chip along the edges. For some reason, they must have become dry and brittle.

Although I am not ready right now, I am thinking ahead to the future when I will start to have more time for myself. Don't laugh! It could happen!! Well having beautiful nails is something I use to take for granted, but now I might need some help. I've started to look into products, such as Rejuvacote (a.k.a. The Nail Doctor), to give my nails whatever they are missing to be nice and strong again. I just think that having nice nails is not only a way to pamper myself, but it gives the appearance that I actual care about and look after myself. The evidence of that is very sparse right now, but I am hoping that will change in the future.