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Thinking Ahead For Easter

Oh, don't roll your eyes at me. I was mostly done with my Christmas shopping by Halloween, so you shouldn't be surprised that I am starting to think about Easter already. Easter falls in March this year by the way.

In case you were not reading my blog last spring, I had opted to use fabric storage bins as our Easter baskets. I decorated them with fabric paints and we left them out for the Easter Bunny to fill. The idea was that I wanted containers that we would use again rather than have big pastel baskets that were only good for Easter. Because of my choice in containers, the kids' Easter baskets were huge. I'm thinking I need to down-size this year.

If you read any of my shopping posts on either of my blogs, then you know that I love personalized gifts and childrens clothing. Well I found these adorable personalized lunchboxes. I'm thinking they are a good size and the kids would definitely reuse them. I envision them carrying these lunchboxes around the house pretending that they are suitcases or brief cases. I think they would look great if I filled them with the lid open with Easter grass and goodies and then wrapped them with cellophane and ribbon. Oooooo . . . I will have to keep this in mind for baby gift baskets for future baby showers. How cute would that be?

I also would like to go the practical route for at least some of the fillers. It is much easier to find things while shopping for little girls clothes, like hair bows, cute socks, jewelry, and tutus. For boys all I can ever think of is socks. Anyone have any fun ideas for fillers other than books and candy?