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It's Dottie Awards Time Again!

Can you believe 6 months have past since the last round of Dottie Awards? If you are not familiar with it, it is a series of fun blog awards hosted by MomDot. Through Monday the 19th, you can go nominate your favorite blogs/bloggers for the following categories:

Breakthrough Performance
Best Group Performance
Best Comedic Performance
Most Outstanding Performance
Best Director
Best use of a Cuss word
Best Supporting Blogger
Blog of the Year
Peoples Choice Award
Best “What the heck was THAT?” moment
Best Bromance and Romance
Best Villain

What date the voting officially starts has not been announced yet, but I do know it will be in the form of a poll. I was delighted to be nominated for Best Supporting Blogger for my other blog A Blog of Goodies. Thank you to all who nominated me. I will let you all know when the voting has begun. ;P