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I Knew It Was Too Good to Last!

Drilled through a brick wall
Those bad workers did today.
Kenzie's traumatized.

Just to catch everyone up, we had to figure out how to separate the twins at night. They use to sleep in toddler beds next to each other and Makenzie pretty much tortured poor Luke for hours at night because she wanted him to play.

Well, since we bought the bunkbeds . . . with Jake on top and Luke on the bottom and Kenzie in the enclosure, everything started to settle down after a couple of nights. The twins still didn't sleep through the night, but they would only wake up once or twice which was a HUGE improvement compared to before.

Today, that all changed. Two minutes after I put them down for their naps, these workers were installing something outside our townhouse and they were drilling through the brick wall. This happened to be the wall that Makenzie's bed is against. The noise was awful and it probably sounded like there was a big monster trying to come through the wall. She was bawling and clinging to me and refused to sleep in her bed. I had to put her in with Luke in the bottom bunk for their nap.

So how well do you think it went when we tried to put her in her bed tonight at bedtime? She was screaming and bawling. Both my dear husband and I checked on her to reassure her, but eventually we just had to let her tire herself out. She did eventually fall asleep, so I hope tomorrow night will be better.

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