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Green Thumb, Black Thumb, . . . Orange Thumb?


Before today, I had never heard the term "orange thumb." I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that I have a black thumb. I suppose if I had a green thumb, I would more likely to have heard of the Project Orange Thumb grant sponsored by Fiskars.

From what I understand, any group who is involved in a project to better their community in some way through gardening is eligible to apply for this grant. There will be twenty grant recipients selected from applications received from the United States and Canada. Plus there will be four more granted to applications received from Australia. The recipients from the U.S. and Canada will each receive $800 in green goods to start or makeover a garden and $1500 worth of gardening tools supplied by Fiskars. The recipients from Australia will receive $1000 in green goods plus $1000 worth of Fiskars gardening tools.

This seems like a worthwhile grant for which to apply. Project Orange Thumb seems to focus on groups who would like to beautify schools, neighborhoods, parks, as well as those who are trying to improve agriculture in their community. If you or someone you know belongs to a group who would like to apply for this grant, you can apply right online at . Don't wait too long if you are interested because the deadline for submitting an application is February 17th, 2009.