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Fraidy Cats!

Meet Rex! He came to join our family while we were trick-or-treating at a nearby mall last October. He was on sale for something ridiculous like $8 or $9 at the Disney Store, so we decided to adopt him.

Rex stands a few feet tall and has lots of teeth. Although I think his grin could be described as "goofy", I think that my cats would beg to differ.

Since Rex is rather large and doesn't really have a permanent place to rest, he often stands on the sofa. Everytime our cats want to venture across the living room floor and they happen to see our ferocious Rex on the sofa, they go into stealth mode. They get really low to the ground and tiptoe (can cat's do that?) across the living room floor without taking their eyes off of him.

I would never tell my husband this because his warped sense of humor would lead him to chase the cats around with Rex in hand. I hope he doesn't read this. Does anyone know how to administer feline CPR?