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The "Dental Health For All" Program

In honor of February being National Children’s Dental Health Month, Tom's of Maine is donating a portion of the proceeds from each Tom's of Maine Natural product purchased during the month of January '09 to the Dental Health for All program. This program helps families across the U.S. get the dental care they need, but cannot afford. Let's face it, even with dental insurance, seeking dental care for anything beyond a regularly scheduled cleaning requires quite a bit of money out-of-pocket.

The Dental Health for All program also helps communities as a whole. It provides dental equipment for public clinics who in turn give affordable and sometimes free dental care to local residents. These communities need more clinics and these clinics need more staff and equipment. Did you know that the average wait for an appointment at one of these clinics is one year?

To date, 25 U.S. schools and public dental clinics have received grants from Tom's of Maine on top of over 200K tubes of much needed toothpaste. In order to help keep up the momentum of the Dental Health for All program, please remember to stock up on your favorite Tom's of Maine products before January 31st, 2009. Make your purchases count!

To help celebrate the National Children's Dental Health Month, download and print this free coloring & activity book courtesy of Tom's of Maine.