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Blog Awards . . . Past, Present, and Future

I know I'm going out of order, but I wanted to start with the "Future." I am very honored to have my other blog A Blog of Goodies be nominated for a Dottie Award in the category of Best Supporting Blogger. So if you should feel moved to do so, you can go vote by clicking the button below. There are lots of great blog that have been nominated in the many categories.

Now for the Past! I have had two blog awards bestowed upon me . . .

This one is the “When Life Gives you Lemons, Make Lemonade Award” and was given to me by the lovely Colleen of The Princess and The Monkey.

The next award is a Triple Award, which includes the award mentioned above plus the Best Friends Award and the Sisterhood Award. This one triple-flattering award was given to me by Snoopygie of This and That.

Thank you so much to both you wonderful ladies! Since the second award includes the first award, I will just be passing on the latter. So this brings us to the Present. I would now like to pass the Triple Award onto the following bloggers who I think encompasses the spirit of each award.

1) Heather of The Gift Closet