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Become a Supporter of Bloggers Give

Bloggers Give

I recently decided to join in on the efforts led by Bloggers Give to give something back to the world through blogging. I have received so much enjoyment and support through blogging that I welcomed the chance to possibly give back to people in need.

Bloggers Give is a non-profit organization. The concept is simple. They are asking bloggers who host giveaways to approach their sponsors to donate an identical (or a different) item to benefit a specific cause. The current charity is The Center for Courageous Kids, but this will change quarterly.

In return for a donation of goods of any size, the sponsor will be featured on the Bloggers Give website during the month they made their contribution, receive a permanent place on the Sponsor Listings page, plus any sponsor whom I have the pleasure to work with on this project will receive a permanent text link on this blog or on A Blog of Goodies.

If you are a blogger and want to join in, you can grab a Participating Blogger's Give Blogger button to get started. Once you find your first sponsor, you will receive a permanent place in the Blogger's Give Blog Listings. Feel free to visit the Bloggers Give website to find out more about their mission.