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We Saw BOLT in 3-D!

Thanks to my parents who were willing to stay with the twins this evening, my husband and I were able to take our preschooler to see the movie Bolt in 3-D. It was the general consensus between the three of us that it was a very good movie.

At first, Jake did not like the 3-D effects. He wanted to take his glasses off, but we convinced him to give it a chance and he did. He ended up watching the entire movie with the 3-D glasses on.

What made this movie great is the lovable Bolt. John Travolta did a great job with making the audience fall in love with this dog. If you are an animal-lover, I think you will find all the animals endearing . . . from the cat Mittens to the hamster Rhino to the variety of pigeons from different regions across the U.S. Miley Cyrus did very well portraying a sweet girl who was worthy of Bolt's devotion.

There was quite a few moments throughout the movie where Jake's smile turned into laughter. During one emotional point in the movie, however, Jake started to bawl. He was red and his chest was heaving. I felt so bad for him, but I think it is great how much he felt for Bolt who was feeling very sad at that point in the movie.

I just wanted to add that the animation was great too. You got to travel all over the country with these animals. There was also a segment that involved fire that was very well executed.