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Thursday Thirteen (20th Edition)

Thirteen Reasons Why I Don't Have a Real Thursday Thirteen Post Today

1. I have a cold that will just not go away
2. My husband has a cold
3. My preschool-aged son has a cold
4. My toddler daughter has a cold
5. My toddler son has a cold
6. The twins had their Early Intervention appointment today
7. We had unexpected dinner guests tonight
8. I had to get some things done today for my son’s upcoming birthday in January
9. Even though I’m trying not to be, I am a little preoccupied about the lump I have found in my neck.
10. I’m sleep-deprived
11. I’m starting to stress out about what I have left to do to get ready for Christmas
12. I’ve been having major pressure in my head and ears from allergies
13. I’ve been having stress-induced headaches from all of the above.

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