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Thinking About Starting Movie Night Again

When it was just my husband and myself (during the pre-monkeys era), we started having movie night once a week. Sometimes we would select a movie from our personal collection, but other times we found it was a big money-saver to purchase a previously viewed DVD from one of our local video stores to watch at home rather than go to the movies. Two adult tickets plus refreshments would cost us $30, but we could get a DVD for about $10. Plus it is nice to curl up on the sofa and be comfortable rather than be in a movie theater full of strangers.

Movie night stopped after our first born was about a few months old. Free time was very rare and it became difficult to justify sitting on the sofa for two hours when we could use the time to get things done that we could not during other times in the day. That was all just part of adjusting to having a baby. Now we have three and we only wish we had the amount of spare time we had back when there was only one.

Well, our oldest is about to turn five. I was thinking about starting movie night again. Jake is old enough to stay up a little later when it's not a school night now. Plus it would be nice for him to have time set aside that is just for him with us after the twins go to bed. Also Jake's interest in movies is beginning to branch off from solely animated films. When it was just my husband and myself, we chose movies strictly for the entertainment value, but if we start to have movie night with our son, we will have to be more selective about our choices. After all, the world has become a very scary place to raise children. We should take advantage of every opportunity to teach ours to make the right choices in life.

Check out this trailer for the film All Roads Lead Home The Movie. Although the theme may still be a little too mature for our son, it is a very good example of a movie that a family can watch together.