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Sleepless Nights

I know I cannot be the only parent who has not been able to have one single night of uninterrupted sleep for almost two years. Come on! You can lie to me just to make me feel better, can't you? The truth is that the twins have not slept through the night since they came home from the hospital in the winter of 2007. I know sharing a room with a sibling has a lot to do with it. One can easily disturb the other, plus it's more fun to be awake when there's someone else around to play with.

For the past six months, the twins have slept for an hour or two at bedtime. Then they wake up all nice and refreshed and ready to have their nightly party that lasts for hours. Sometimes during these parties, the twins laugh and socialize with each other. Sometimes they hit the walls like they are bongos all the while giggling. Other times, they quarrel and then cry for mommy. In short, they are not quiet partiers. If I could, I would call the police on them for disturbing the peace. ;P

Seriously though, I was starting to get desperate. I was surviving on 3 or 4 hours of sleep per night. None of the other moms I've discussed this with had any solutions to offer . . . only sympathy. I was thinking of turning to a professional for sleep disorders, but can this really be considered a disorder? Well on, they list specialists for anything from sleep apnea to night terrors to bed wetting to baby sleep. It's nice to know there are resources available if we finally reach that point of desperation. We'll have to see how much longer I last. ;P

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