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Silly Monkey Stories: TMI (Too Much Information)

Please welcome back my dear husband Todd as our guest blogger today!

"This morning I went into my kids’ room to wake my five-year-old son up for school. Although I could post a seven-page dissertation on how monumentally difficult that is to do, this story is not about that.

I look over to the twins and see that my daughter is sleeping face down and butt up on her brother’s pillow, sideways. This in itself is not unusual. What was unusual, was the fact that her pajama pants were down around one of her ankles, her diaper was around the other ankle (I haven’t figured that one out yet either), and hanging out of the diaper was a poopie! All the while she was sound asleep.

Now I cant speak for the rest of you people, but it took me about a minute to decide whether I should just walk out of the room and pretend I didn’t see anything (think Shultz from Hogan’s Hero’s) or stay and deal with it. Now mind you staying and dealing with it involved waking them up and opening that can of worms. It was a tough choice, and I am not ashamed to say I took a step or two towards the door before I came to my senses (read: Wife would kick my ass) and dealt with it.

I’m telling you guys, people with no kids have no idea, none at all. There should be parades for us…"


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