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I Want! I Want! I Want . . .

. . . THIS!!!

Since I have "3 garnets" (my three beautiful children who were all born in the month of January) I have been somewhat obsessed with finding personalized jewelry that will represent all three children. I have had rings and pendants all with three garnets on them, but they just were not personal enough. I did have two different Swarovski crystal bracelets with each of their initials, but I somehow managed to break them both.

This Custom Personalized Hammered Mommy or Grandma Necklace by Kristen's Custom Creations is the closest thing to what I have been searching for. I can add up to four Swarovski crystals and I only need three. The big plus is that I can have all three of my children's names stamped on the 1" sterling silver disc (not just their first initials) because it will hold up to 26 letters or spaces.

To earn up to 3 chances to win a signature MomDot necklace (a $35 value) created by Kristen's Custom Creations, drop by to enter before December 12th, 2008.