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A Hobby for the Holidays!

I am always stuck on what to get someone like my father for birthday, Father's Day, and Christmas gifts. He is retired and he and my mother have more free time than they use to. He use to have a small aquarium. I remember having all different kinds of fish living in it throughout my childhood. My husband has suggested that we get him a saltwater fish set up on more than one occasion.

For someone who has the time and the patience, it would be a great idea to buy saltwater fish for that person as a gift. There is no denying that they are beautiful to look at, as are the live coral. If you do not have an established saltwater fish store near home, there are many options available online now. Most places have a live guarantee and offer some sort of free shipping promotion.

I think it would take me all day to choose what type of fish and what kinds of coral I would want for my own tank, never mind choosing for someone else. I predict my father would be partial to angelfish the most. If I were buying for an aquarium in my own home, I would choose the clown fish because my children would love having Nemo stay at our house. Perhaps I could choose the tank set up and add a gift certificate for saltwater fish? Yes, I think that would be the best solution for the perfect gift for someone like my father. I know he would enjoy choosing the fish and plants personally.