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Higher Education . . . Is It in the Cards For My Children?

If you follow my blog, then you know my three children are about to turn five and two. I never thought that it would be a possibility that any of my children may not be attending college. With the state of the economy, this terrifying thought is slowly creeping into my head. We are struggling to meet our everyday needs. How will we manage to put away enough money to pay for at least part of three college educations?

Financial aid, scholarships, government loans, and grants may not be enough money to cover my children's tuition. By the way, I shudder to think what tuition will be per year by the time my preschooler turns 18. Perhaps school certified private student loans will be the solution? In conjunction with Federal student loans, my children may be able to attend a university without the stress of worrying about the cost of tuition, books, and housing. Many are available with no fees to pay upfront. It is something I will have to look into further. An education is so important that I would truly hate to have to tell my children that we cannot afford to send them to college.

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