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Coupon Code: 10% Off Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

Aside from three children, we currently have four cats and one dog, plus a husband who does not like to take his shoes off at the door. We have an abundance of crumbs, cat and dog hair, and dirt tracked into the house. Let's just say that we are very hard on our vacuum cleaners. We filled those vacuum cleaner bags quickly and had to replace the vacuum cleaner belts like they were going out of style. All this maintenance adds up fast, especially if you are buying these supplies at retail prices. is offering a discount on all vacuum cleaners bags, belts, filters, brushrolls, machines orders of $20 or more. Just use CODE: EZVCAC10 when you check out to receive an additional 10% off your purchase. On top of this discount, there are two shipping specials to sweeten the deal. Firstly, there is flat rate shipping available for only $1.99 on all U.S. Ground orders. Secondly, if your order total exceeds $50, then you are eligible to receive free U.S. Ground shipping. Please check for any restrictions prior to placing your order.

I have a tip for anyone who uses vacuum cleaner bags. I use to have these cinnamon scented wax simmering beads. When I changed my vacuum bag, I would put a handful of these inside the bag. When the vacuum would heat up, the scent of cinnamon would fill the room. I imagine that leftover pieces of wax tarts (the kind you use in a tart warmer) would have the same effect. I have a bagless vacuum now, but if you do try this in your vacuum bag, let me know how it works. It would be an effortless way to spread your favorite scent throughout your home.