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Veterans Day Sale at Sears (Nov. 9th to 11th)

I have been hearing a lot of talk around the blogosphere about everyone starting to get serious about their holiday shopping. With the economy the way it is, they know that starting early will give you more time to find the best deals. I just finished watching a story on the news about how retailers are bending over backwards to reach out to consumers who are tightening their belts this year.

Sear is no exception. At the Sears Veterans Day Sale, you will find a savings of up to 60% off on outerwear and sweaters for both men and women. My pick from this sale would be the Trilogy Faux Fur Trim Zip Walker shown below. It is very simply, but stylish. I love having a hood without having to wear a bulky parka. It is selling for $99 (Regularly 200.00) plus you can have it shipped to you for free if you use your Sears credit card. Worried about charging? All you need to do is charge the coat to get the free shipping deal, then bring the cash to the store and pay it off next time you find yourself at the mall.

One of the reasons I am such an avid online shopper is because I can often find great deals and then promotional discounts to use on top of that. Aside from the free shipping offer, Sears is also offering to give you $10 in Sears coupons when you sign up to receive their promotions via email.

This promotion is valid 11/9 - 11/11/08.

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