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A Vending Venture

Before we settled upon starting our silk-screening business, my husband and I looked into many different possibilities as far as a small business was concerned. One of the possibilities we seriously considered was Soda/Snack Vending Machines and Gumball Machines. Since this business was to be a source of supplementary income, the appeal was that it was a pretty low pressure make-your-own-hours type of business where you were your own boss.

Purchasing the actual Vending Machines is the most important part of launching such a business. This investment plays a huge part in whether your business succeeds or fails. So how do you choose? Well, 1.800.Vending, a company who has been featured on CNN and The Wall Street Journal, has come up with something that is very innovative.

1.800.Vending has "Healthy You" Vending Machines for Sale. This machine could be the perfect way to go because it is a reaction to the times. In this generation of "going green" and living smarter, this type of vending just makes sense. This machine is designed to offer healthy organic snacks and beverages . . . products made by the same names the world has grown to love, such as Kellogg and Pepsi.

In closing, if you are going to start a new long-term business today, does it not make sense to choose one that is on the cutting edge over one that is slowly dwindling? The answer appears to be obvious to me.