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Silly Monkey Stories: What's Good For the Cats is Good For the Monkeys

If you have any cats in your house, then you are probably familiar with how crazy a cat goes over a laser pointer. Something about that little red dot that is impossible to catch makes our cats obsessed with it, much like Captain Ahab was with Moby Dick. If they even hear the jingle of the chain, they come running to look for their arch nemesis.

Well, leave it to my dear husband to discover how much toddlers love that little red dot as well. Our 22mos old twins were watching one of our cats chase that little red dot all around the room. It was the very first time they had witnessed this. They had huge grins on their faces and could not resist joining in on the fun. Instead of trying to catch the red dot, they were trying to step on it. I wish I had a photo to show you. They were giddy and it was so silly to watch because they are still a little uncoordinated when they are trying to move quickly. And of course my husband loved to make the little dot disappear just to confuse the poor little things.

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