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Silly Monkey Stories: Famous Quotes

My husband has graciously agreed to return as a guest blogger today . . .

We have these laser pointers to play with the cats; they are an absolute blast (and a great way to be lazy, but playing with your cats at the same time). Well, as you can imagine a laser of any kind, even a cat toy, is the shiz to a little kid, especially a 4.5-year-old boy.

Jake wants to use it every badly each time I take it out. So, me being the 38-year-old trouble maker/bully that I am, I told him that every time he says the word “laser” he needed to use his fingers and make air quotes like in Austin Powers. It took him a bit to understand what I was asking him to do, but now he does it like its proper to do so . . . as though that’s the way they would teach him in school! I LOVE IT!

So now each time he says it, he does the air quotes. I know my adolescent teachings will payoff one day at a teacher-parent conference.

I can see it now . . .

Teacher: “Mr. (Jakes dad), Jake seems to have an inexplicable quirk, he cant
say the word “laser” without making air quotes with his hands… were you aware of this?”

Me: “Um…no…that’s weird. I will have to speak to his mother about this.”

And of course in my mind I'll be doing the HDDFD (Happy Dance of Dastardly Father Deeds). Then I will know that I have been successful as a father!


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