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Rebuilding of America

What was the last thing on which you spent $25 recently? . . . Take out from your local pizza and sub shop? Tickets for two to a movie? Another toy for your child that he or she did not necessarily need? When you think about it, it is so easy to spend $25 in a blink of an eye.

I am not very big on investing, simply because we do not have extra money to invest. For example, how many shares of stock could you purchase with just $25? . . . Perhaps a few shares of a low value stock or one share of an established stock? I cannot think of any other investments that could yield a profit in this country's financial state with only a small investment aside from CDs.

My parents are big supporters of investing in CDs because it is a safe investment. Rebuilding of America is a program that allows you to invest in CDs for just $25. What is so different about this program? It is a regular CD, where your investment is secured and insured. The twist is that your money is pooled together with other investors' to purchase, renovate, and resell commercial properties that have been owned by businesses that have vacated due to hard times. We've all seen these properties in our own communities.

For example, there is a mall in a nearby town that has really lost its glory. It use to be fully rented, housed stores from top retailers, and was generally busy throughout the year. The last time I visited, half the stores were vacant. There were very few major retailers still renting space. Many of the stores were small businesses you would often see at a kiosk or pushcart in the malls rather than with a storefront. This mall is a perfect example of a property that needs to be renovated. It was one of the main attractions for this historical little town and needs to be again.

The mall I speak of must be one in millions of properties that need help across the United States. Investing in a CD through Rebuilding of America rather than through your bank could help to initiate some much needed change.