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MomDot Party (Day 2): Holiday Traditions

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Today is the second day of the MomDot Christmas of Dreams Blog Party, which will be running through November 27th, 2008. The topic of the day is . . .

Traditions, what are some of your favorite family traditions? What are some traditions you want to begin?

Some of the things that we do every Christmas since our oldest son's first Christmas in 2004 are . . .

1) We leave cookies & milk out for Santa before the kids go to bed. When I have time we usually bake the cookies ourselves. It just makes it more special. Then my husband eats the cookies and drinks the milk and we leave the dirty dishes out for our children to find in the morning.

2) We have to hang a magic key on the doorknob outside for Santa. It is magic because only Santa can use it to unlock our door. He wouldn't be able to get in otherwise because we don't have a chimney.

3) We don't put any gifts under the tree before Christmas morning. This started out because our cats would eat the ribbon and shred the paper, but now we think it's more fun for there to be nothing when the kids go to bed on Christmas Eve and then for them to see a boatload of gifts under the tree when they wake up.

4) I stuff everyone's stockings after the kids go to bed . . . well, except mine. My husband stuffs mine.

5) I made really big festive gift tags that say "To: (child's name)" and "From: Santa." I created them on my computer and we had them printed on cardstock at Kinkos. We made several copies, so we can use those on the gifts from Santa for many years to come.

6) I usually get my oldests son to think about what he wants to ask Santa for early on (around the end of October). Then I have him write Santa a letter, in which he also asks for a toy each for his little brother and sister. Once the letter is sent, he knows it's too late to change his mind. It works out well because I can start shopping for the gifts earlier.

7) After my son writes his letter, I usually just write "Santa" on the envelope and put it aside for my husband to mail. Then I go back when my son isn't looking to fill in my sister's address. I then make an authentic-looking letter from Santa on my computer and email it to my sister. She prints it out and mails it back to my son.

8) After we open the gifts, we usually bake cinnamon rolls for breakfast before we get showered and dressed to head off to celebrate with family.

9) My husband always reads 'Twas the Night Before Christmas to the children before they go to bed on Christmas Eve.

The only new tradition I would like to start someday is decorating the outside of our house with lights. We live in a townhouse community right now and they are very strict about what can go outside. I love driving around with my family and seeing all the beautifully decorated houses. I hope to be able decorate our home like that someday.

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