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Dressing Up For the Holidays!

Do you dress up for the holidays? No, I'm not talking about jackets and neckties or chiffon and silk dresses. I'm talking about having some fun with Thanksgiving costumes and Christmas costumes.

Personally, I've never thought about adult Christmas costumes. I do like to dress my children up when they are little with fun Santa and elf hats to match their Christmas-themed pajamas. They make great props for our Christmas photos. The children always look adorable in them and seem to enjoy dressing up. In past years, we have only taken pictures of the children for our Christmas card photos. This is the first year that we have had the entire family in the photo. When the children get a little bit older, I was thinking it would be fun to have my dear husband dress up as Santa Claus and for myself and the children to be dressed in elf costumes. What do you think? Would that be just too cute for words or would it be beyond silly? If you received a Christmas card from us with that portrait on it, would you laugh and smile or would you accidentally spill your egg nog on it?

Before I started browsing for holiday costumes, I had no idea how many fun adult Christmas costumes there were. There is everything from naughty elves to young Mrs. Clauses. I saw many costumes that would peak my dear husband's interest. Hmmmm . . . I wonder if he would put on the Santa costume with the velvet smoking jacket for me?