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A Breitling Navitimer For a Surprise in His Stocking

Contrary to popular belief, women are not the only ones who like to receive jewelry as gifts. I believe the right watch can put a smile on any man's face. So is your father, brother, or significant other a sporty but classy Breitling Navitimer type or would he prefer a trendy Breitling Emgergency?

My husband is very particular about his watches. He still has not stopped mourning his Citizen chronograph diving watch he had bought himself when he was 20ish years old, which stopped working correctly after an inexperienced jeweler changed the battery. For as long as I have known my husband, I have been trying to introduce him to new watches. So for thirteen years, watches have come and gone. I think the next one I might try on him will be one like the Breitling Skyracer shown below.

My husband is partial to silvertone chronograph watches with blue faces. It is big and chunky just like he likes them, plus it is waterproof. My husband use to practically live in the ocean and loved to dive. He doesn't do much diving anymore, but who knows, maybe he will have the opportunity again someday.

So what are you all thinking about giving your loved ones for the holidays this year? Feel free to post your comments here if you have any great ideas. I think it's always tougher to buy for men than it is for women.