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Works For Me Wednesdays: The Kitchen Organization Edition

This week's WFMW theme is kitchen organization. Since we live in a townhouse and have a tiny kitchen, we have to be creative about storage. One thing I recently started to do was to keep a little wooden tray in the space between the top of the refrigerator and the kitchen cabinets located just above it. In this tray, I keep colorful magnets of all different geometric shapes. My preschooler loves to create pictures with these on the fridge, but with all the other notes, pictures, and character magnets already on there, it just gets too cluttered to leave the shapes on the fridge all the time. Now if he wants to play, I just take the tray down for him.

You can use the tray to store anything else that is relatively flat, like take-out menus for example. Don't forget that it gets pretty warm up there from your refrigerator running, so don't put anything up there that could melt easily.

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