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Thursday Thirteen (17th Edition)

Thirteen Things about How My Mammogram at the Hostpital Was Similar to a Spa Visit

1. There was soft relaxing background music.

2. My "hostess" spoke in a soft gentle voice.

3. The atmosphere exuded positive energy.

4. There were delicious buttermints in the waiting room.

5. There was a soothing backlit aquarium in the waiting room.

6. I was given a soft cotton floral robe to put on.

7. My "hostess" had a warm and bubbly personality.

8. Ultimate customer service was clearly the goal.

9. My "hostess" was very attentive to my comfort level.

10. I was offered snacks.

11. I was offered beverages.

12. I was given a customer service phone number to call with comments about my experience.

13. I was invited to book my next appointment right then.

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