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Thursday Thirteen (16th Edition)

Thirteen Things that are Making My Plate Very Full At the Moment

1. Having a preschooler who is testing his boundaries every second of the day.
2. Twin toddlers who are testing their boundaries every other second of the day.
3. Trying to get ready for holiday.
4. Taking over the free blog and boutique listings on MomDot.
5. Trying to finish my Christmas shopping so I can enjoy the holidays when they get here.
6. Launching my design blog.
7. Having a slight cold for 3 weeks that will not go away.
8. Being a moderator on a mommies forum.
9. Caring for an extremely elderly beagle.
10. Writing some sponsored posts on top of my regular blog posts to earn some extra money.
11. The house becoming messy faster than my husband and I can clean it.
12. Starting to plan my son’s birthday party.
13. Trying to upkeep 3 blogs while still posting mildly interesting content daily on my personal blog.

Sorry I've been such a horrible blog buddy everyone! I promise I will get back on track with visiting everyone after I get over this hump.

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