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Silly Monkey Stories: A Ham, A Bull, and A Crab

Jake's 1st Professional Portrait (2005)

Today, we ventured to have our first family portrait taken. It was the twins' first professional portrait ever so we weren't sure how they were going to do. Jake is almost five so we were not really concerned about him . . . well, except for worrying that he would only give his fake cheesy (I'm constipated) smile.

The Ham = The almost five year old Jake. He followed every direction given by the photographer and was happy to help guide his little brother and sister. He did wonderfully in the family shots, the kiddos-only shots, and his solo shots. The cheesy smiles crept in now and then, but only when he was getting tired of a particular pose.

The Bull = The almost two year old Kenzie. Although she did not cry, she was determined not to smile or have fun in any way. In every single shot, she wore a grimace on her face and had a threatening look in her eyes. She stayed completely guarded with the "don't even think about trying any funny stuff" look on her face the whole time. We did get some good shots of her alone with Jake though.

The Crab = The almost two year old Luke. He did okay for most of the family pictures. Once we started the kiddos-only shots, he decided he did not want to be photographed anymore. The tears came. Even when they dried up, his eyes and face was all red and puffy. We did not get one shot of him alone or sitting with his big brother.

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