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Look How Far LASIK Technology Has Come

Both my husband and I have discussed having laser eye surgery someday when we have the extra money. As each year passes, we grow more certain about wanting the procedure done because the LASIK technology has advanced so much and the procedure has been perfected.

Something that proves this point well is the fact that LASIK is now widely used in the Department of Defense and in NASA. 95% of military personnel were reported to have achieved 20/20 vision and 100% of naval pilots who underwent the eye surgery said that they would recommend the procedure to other pilots. How could you get a better testimonial than that?

Before my husband and I go forward with the surgery, we will have to read up on the most up-to-date LASIK information. I hear that the new iLASIK procedure uses two lasers instead of one and that a computer scans your eye for a custom procedure that is extremely accurate and safe.

Do any of you have any personal experience with iLASIK eye surgery or perhaps know of somebody else who has? I would be interested to hear about your take on the procedure and the post-op recovery period. Even though I am confident that the surgery is safe, it is still surgery. I wonder about how much discomfort there will be and how long it will last. Any shared experiences would be much appreciated.