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Giveaway: $400 Prize For the Blogger With the Best Recipe

I know many of you have not stored away your barbeque grills yet and some of you like to grill even when it's snowing out. Since you've had all summer to experiment with recipes for the grill, it's time to share your best one.

To be eligible for the $400 grand prize, all you need to do is . . .

1) Post your best recipe for grilling on your blog.
2) Include the words "barbeque" or "grill" in your post and link the word(s) to
3) Email your name, age, email address, and direct link to your blog post containing your recipe to .

That's it! One winner will be chosen by the judges based on the "quality and originality of recipe as well as the creativity and presentation of the entry." Go here for the complete contest rules.

This contest ends on 12:01AM EST on November 1st, 2008.

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