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A Follow-Up To This Week's Silly Monkey Story

My dear husband was kind enough to write a follow-up post about this week's Silly Monkey Story. So please welcome Todd back as our guest blogger . . .

Apparently, the guy deserved it…

Well, it was time for Jakes first Taekwon do class after the infamous KTSIKIFOTSO (Kick the stranger in kneecap in front of the studio owner) incident. I was a little nervous to be honest with you. I didn’t think we were I trouble per se, but you never know these days.

Well, I didn’t see the owner Robert until after the class. Jakes favorite instructor Matt did mention that he had heard about it and giggled a bit, but that was it. Well, after class I wanted to get a feel of things with Robert and said, “Mr. ------, you have anybody giving you trouble? I could have Jake take care of them for you.” He laughed and said something that changed how I felt about the entire situation. He said, “Yeah, that guy was a JERK, who says that to a little kid?!” And he walked away.

OMFG! All week I thought I got my kid kicked out of his Taekwon Do school for nothing. The owner of the studio thought the guy deserved it! MY KID'S A HERO! So, if anybody is every giving you a hard time, just kick them in the knees! It worked for Jake! Or just call Jake, he’s good at it!