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Did I Forget Anything?

On Monday we have an appointment to have our first professional family portrait taken. It actually was a generous gift from my MIL for my and my husband's birthdays last month. You would think that after the cost was covered that the rest would be a piece of cake, right?


I started reading these guidelines about what to wear and what not to wear for group portraits. From this I quickly learned that the outfits I had picked out for my children were not going to work. I broke several rules, such as no short-sleeved clothing and don't mix dressy with casual.

Thus "the hunt" began. I had decided that we would go casual, so all I had to do was find tops for everyone that would coordinate. My husband and I had tops we could wear, but the children had nothing that would work all together. I looked online, found what I wanted, and sent my husband to pick the clothing items up after work on Saturday. I didn't expect t hear that the shirts I wanted for my two boys were not due to arrive in the store until Tuesday. So it was back to the drawing board. I finally found some cute long-sleeved polos for the boys and a pretty top for my daughter that coordinated well with the boys' shirts. This was at The Children's Place by the way. I wanted to give the wonderful salesperson a big thank you for helping me on the phone and holding the items for my husband to pick up on the way home from work on Sunday.

Thank You, Stephanie!!!

I'm glad to report that we are mostly ready for our portrait. Since the boys are going to wear jeans, I wanted my daughter to wear a denim skirt, but alas we couldn't find a plain one. They all had colorful embroidery or bright belts that were not removable. Other than that I think we did pretty well on such short notice. There is so much pressure to have the pictures come out perfect because someone else is paying for them and we probably won't have another one done for a long while. It was a pretty stressful couple of days. I have a feeling that there will be more stress to come though. Then again . . . maybe my children will surprise me and not turn the portrait studio upside down. Maybe they won't take one look at the photographer and start to cry. Perhaps they won't all insist on not sitting still. Is it possible?